Narendra Modi – Poor to Prime Minister


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It was a miraculous day of 17th September 1950 when a child born in a small village of Gujarat, India. He was born in a poor family but the time already decided his prime destiny. With his simplicity it was a different personality looking to the sky with its straight target to serve his nation. I was wondering his secret behind targeting the eye of a fish and winning like Arjuna in Mahabharta. I know I cannot have his interview sitting in front of him, but defiantly I can try to find out the answers of all my questions about his journey from poor to prime minister with the help of Indian Astrology.


Somehow I found Narendra Modi’s birth details from internet and made his horoscope. Narendra Modi was born in the Dasha of Saturn till 1961, Saturn supported him for primary education. His childhood spent in his struggled family with his father and brother. It is said that he used to sale tea with his brother near a bus terminal. It was his Mercury period in his teen age that made him to spend hours in the library and was known as a strong debater. In 1971, period of Mercury – Mars he joined RSS. Here I would like to tell you the role of Mars to make him start his political career. You can see Modi’s horoscope is scorpion ascendant having Mars in ascendant makes a Panch Mahapurush Yoga [ Ruchaka Yoga]. Planet Mars in ascendant in Scorpio was responsible for starting his career in politics and also responsible for separation with his wife after marriage as Mars is also making a Manglik Dosha in the first house of Modi’s horoscope. Some of Astrologer’s view about exalted or own sign Mars dose not make a Manglik Dosh, But in the horoscope of Shri Ram Chandra, exalted Mars is in seventh house making a Ruchaka Yoga and Manglik Dosha in seventh house therefore  he could not live with his wife the whole life. Somehow he had to be separated from his wife twice in his life. In 1987 Narendra Modi joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in dasha of Venus – Venus – Rahu. Here I want you to know the role of Rahu in political career of Modi. Rahu is placed in 5th house [The place of public relation] of Modi’s horoscope in sign of Jupiter, and Jupiter situated in 4th house [ house of politics] both planets making a strong combination of political career. Jupiter being the lord of 5th sitting in 4th house gives the growth of public relations in a political career. And Rahu in the 5th house in Jupiter sign gives the heights in politics. Then why Venus Dasha supported him in political career? You can see in D9 Venus is placed with Rahu in 2nd house, thus in Venus dasha Rahu could play his role with the help of Venus and Mr. Modi became chief minister of Gujarat in feb 2002 during Venus dasha. Rahu and Venus again played a role to lift Mr. Narendra Modi to the position of Prime Minister of India in May 2014 during the dasha of Moon-Rahu-Venus.

Written by

Astrologer Sunil Kumar