Aries Horoscope April 2023

According to the April 2023 horoscope for Aries people, this month will be a bit painful from a health point of view. Aries natives may suffer from problems related to the stomach. Problems related to the nerves and blood of the body may also arise. These people must see a good doctor without taking health-related problems lightly and they will get relief from health problems by remedies related to Rahu, Ketu and Mercury.

Those who are waiting for a job can definitely get the job, but employed people will also have to face special struggles. Work with special cleverness related to your job and do not trust anyone easily. Those who are already working should not leave their job due to any small reason, otherwise, there may be a problem related to money.

The position of Venus, Rahu and Mercury in the first house will be especially beneficial for those travelling abroad. Work related to foreign travel will be done and students who want to go abroad for education will also work. The position of Mars in the third house is also beneficial for short journeys. For those who want to go somewhere, their wish is also being fulfilled in April. But maintain the relationship with your siblings, otherwise, the relationship with younger siblings may get sour.

The position of Ketu in the seventh house can bring bitterness to the relationship between husband and wife. That’s why take special care and do not argue about small things, otherwise, the quarrel may increase. Those who are not getting married will have to wait longer. Because this month, marriage is not visible for the people of Aries. The position of Saturn in the eleventh house is beneficial for businessmen. The business will increase and income will also increase. But you will also spend a lot on decorations, travel and food items.

Time is not good for those who earn money in unethical ways or those on whom a case is going on. That’s why no one should make such a mistake, otherwise, there can be a jail journey. Sun will also give problems related to eyes in the twelfth house. That’s why take special care of the eyes, otherwise, the number of spectacles will definitely increase this month. So from my point of view, this month is not particularly good for health and relationships for Aries people, but this month will be good for businessmen.

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Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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