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Pitra dosh, Kaal Sarp and Manglik Dosh

Pitra dosh, Kaal Sarp and Manglik Dosh are mostly found in everybody’s horoscope, and they make the major defects in ones horoscope. These doshas do effect on ones career, health and married life. We get you a report about Pitra Dosh, Kaal Sarp Dosh and Manglik Dosh in your horoscope and their remedies.

Shubha Muhurat Selection

Shubh Muhurat is a branch of Astrology known as Electional Astrology.Where as Shubh Muhurat means auspicious time selection (Date & Time) for starting any important personal or Professional work in terms of greatest Success and Productivity. Here we provide for You a most favorable Time and Date as per advance system of Vedic Astrology to Start / Commence any important activities such as Marriage, Greh Pravesh, Starting Business, Joining the Job, New Construction, Medical Surgery, Legal Cases, Wear Gems etc to achieve better Stability, Prosperity, Name & Fame. We required only your Name & Birth Details and Purpose of Auspicious Time.

Match Making & Gun Milaan

Match making or Kundli Milan is probably the most important thing in India while looking for the right partner (Now even in the west match making is common) for marriage. Most families go to Pandit ji or astrologers for in depth analysis of horoscopes of both the boy and the girl. However most of these pandit ji just do the Gun Milan and decide if the marriage will be successful or not. According to my experience this is not the correct way to match horoscopes.In my experience I have found several cases where the marriage broke off even though more than 30 out of 36 points matched and I also know couples whose only 17 points matched and they have been living together for more than 10 years now. It is important to check the gunas but it is all the more important to study both the horoscopes individually so as to check any dosh which should be considered while deciding the future of marriage or a relationship. If you get your horoscopes matched only as per the Gun Milan system then probably you are at risk. If you want me to match you horoscope to some one you are planning to get marry, you can write to me.

Love & Marriage Compatibility

Everybody wants to know what is store in his life regarding his love, relationship and marriage. Will you find your soul-mate in this life? If so, when will it happen? How are your relationships going to be? Would you marry someone wealthy? Would you be happy in love? Are you marrying a player or a loyal person? Are you a single partner person or are you flirtatious? Should you terminate the present relationship? Find answers to all these questions. Astrology is the only divine tool which can answer your queries and provide you the right direction of life. I will provide astrological consultation after closely analysis of your birth chart / horoscope. This analysis is based on placement, affliction, conjunctions, transit, dashas , prashna. The report gives comprehensive answers to all your questions and guarantees satisfaction. I will provide detailed remedial measures that include gemstones, mantras and simple daan.

Lucky Gemstone Selection

Now a day’s everybody is busy in their busy schedule and do not have the time for long term remedies and mantras act. Gemstones are easiest remedy to control your astrological problems. Gemstones are always worn after analyzing the horoscope very carefully. Gemstones can be worn to enhance your chances of success in profession, career, finance, love, marriage, education, fame , fortune and much more. We get you a proper report according to your horoscope witch gemstone you should wear.

Health Problems

In today’s world everybody wants good health because without good health nobody can enjoy his life. To enjoy every aspect of life, everybody needs good health. Many time we seen many richest people depends on boiled food because of their sickness and bad health. They have all stuffs of life but they spend their lives miserably due to their diseases. Sometimes because of some long disease, life becomes miserable or danger than death. Body is full of various diseases but we got these diseases because of out nature & behavior. You can get knowledge of these diseases through your horoscope. Is there any indication of serious disease in your horoscope ?Don’t you have good health in future? Will future Dash & Anter-Dasha harm your health? If any problem is there, then what kind of problem? & their solutions with remedies? To know all your queries about your health you can have our heath service help.

Education Problems

Now a day the best education is the biggest need of everyone in this word as the whole future of you or your child depends on education. You do lot of hard work and spend lot of money to achieve the best education from the best school and institutes of education, but sometimes you or your child do not get good results of your efforts as you are not aware about you educational combinations in your horoscope . Does these planetary combination are good for your education? Will your planets help you to get best education? Or you have a week planetary position in your horoscope which is affecting so much and you are not able to achieve your goal. You may know all about your educational matters according to your horoscope and solve the problems with the effects of remedies.

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