Dhan Yoga In Astrology

Dhan Yoga In Astrology – Everyone on this earth wants to become rich ? But its not that easy for everyone on this earth, there are lot of people making money easily and live a rich life but many people who really doing work hard , not able to make much money. Do you know the reasons behind this why some people making easy money without any efforts? I would like to tell you the astrological reason behind this, If you do not believe in Astrology, you should not read this more.


There are 12 houses, 9 planets and 12 signs in our horoscope [ Kundli ]. According to Vedic Astrology these 12 houses, 12 signs and 9 planets are responsible for every movement happens in someone’s life. When you do some efforts to achieve something in your life, your beneficial planets will support you to achieve that particular thing.

Now will you be able to achieve that thing or not, all depends on the strength of giver planets. Suppose if your giver planets do not have the enough strength and power to give, you may not achieve the thing and may lose your opportunity. Means you can’t achieve until your giver planets have good position, strength and power in you horoscope. This is the reason that every work harder never become success and rich in his or her life.

I want to show an example here of Bill Gates who became rich because of his strong planets good positions and combinations in his horoscope . Let’s try to find out the astrological reasons in bill Gates horoscope, how his planets supported him to be rich.

Before I read bill gates horoscope I want to clear some astrological points about being rich. Responsible houses of horoscope to make some rich is 1st,2nd,10,and 11thhouses. Responsible planets and Dasha in horoscope to make someone rich, the Lord of 1st, 2nd10thand 11thhouses. First lord always should be in good position in kendra or trikona to get success in life if situated with 2nd or 11th lord in kendra , makes a dhan yoga [ Combination for good wealth ] in horoscope.

Look at Bills Lagna lord Mercury situated with Mars which is 11th lord and that too in 4th house [ kendra]. 2nd house is our dhan sthana [ place of Money] in horoscope. Its lord all ways should be in good condition with beneficial and in kendra or trines, as if in malefic places brings poverty. Look at Bills horoscope, the 2nd lord Moon is in the 10th house, the house of our profession.

It is also making a good yoga for earning good wealth through his profession. 11th house is our profit and income, its lord always should be in good condition, in kendra or trines or should connect with lagna lord or 2nd lord. Look at Bills horoscope 11th lord Mars is in 4th house [ Kendra ] with lagna lord and that too aspecting 10th house [ Profession ]. Again a Yoga [ Combination] for good income. And many other reasons are there in Bills horoscope for the reasons he became rich.

If you don’t have good Dhan yoga’s in your horoscope and your money giver planets do not have the enough strength to give the results, you should not waste your precious time. Get consultation by Astrologer Sunil Kumar and get the solutions and remedies of your Dhan Yoga’s and make your money giver planets stronger by wearing correct Gemstone and get success in your life.

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Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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