Jupiter in seventh house

When Jupiter is placed in seventh house of horoscope, the person is blessed with a beautiful wife. He is a generous person and will be more successful than his father.  Jupiter in seventh house of horoscope makes a person scholar and fortunate. He is a good speaker and gets more benefits in foreign countries. These […]

Jupiter in eighth house

Jupiter gives mostly bad effects in eight house of horoscope. The person is long lived but rest of the field like career are difficult for him. Long life with difficulties is never good. The person having Jupiter in eight house of horoscope may have venereal disease. Misdemeanours nature may be the reason of venereal diseases. […]

Jupiter in ninth house

Jupiter gives good results in ninth house of horoscope, the person having Jupiter in ninth house of his horoscope will be generous and intelligent. he/she gets respect in society and city. he is a very religious with good spiritual knowledge. he is known in society for his religious activity and becomes wealthy due to religious […]

Jupiter in eleventh house

Jupiter in 11th house of horoscope. According to astrological texts Jupiter in 11th house of  horoscope, the person will be wealthy, spiritual and famous in society and gives benefit results to person. But according to my experience I have mostly found Jupiter placed in 11th house, giving bad results for income. As we know where […]

Jupiter in twelfth house

Jupiter gives bad results in twelfth house of horoscope as twelfth house in horoscope is for expenditures. the person having Jupiter in twelfth house may have bad image in society. he or she may be childless, indulged in misdeeds, lazy and low level worker. when Jupiter placed in twelfth house of horoscope and forth house […]