Ketu In Sixth House

Sixth House (enemy and disease house) under the influence of Ketu in this house, the person will be scholarly, happy, generous, determined, having good qualities, without enemies, but suffering from ghost-borne diseases, suffering from air disorders and of quarrelsome nature. Such people get respect from everyone, but most of them get humiliated or humiliated from […]

Ketu In Fifth House

Fifth House (child and education house) Ketu in fifth house of horoscope makes the person with conspiratorial thoughts, such a person has dirty thoughts and evil intellect. He/She is gout patient and gets involved in immoral activities. Such a person has special interest in occult science or hypnotism, psychology. Person will have less children in […]

Ketu In Fourth House

When ketu placed in forth house it gives more inauspicious results in which the person does not feel inclined to work, Playful and verbal tendencies make him picky and zealous in the work of others. Such a person is painful for the mother, never staying at one place and taking loss of ancestral property. The […]

Ketu in second house

When Ketu occupies the second house of horoscope, the native suffers from oral diseases. Native is used to speak lewd language. He always opposes everyone and uses impure speech. The person is also of sinful nature. Never cares of friends or family members. His company is also not good and is a wasteful spender. Such […]

Ketu in first house

Ketu in first house, the person is fickle and timid due to effects of Ketu. The person is vicious, stupid and always worried. Such a person has problems with his brothers because the siblings of the native are jealous of his success. Ketu also spoils the native’s relationship with his wife in first house of […]