Mercury in seventh house

Mercury gives mix results in seventh house of horoscope. The person is beautiful, long lived, a successful businessman, religious, prosperous and wealthy. The person is more successful in writing and editing fields but may be childless. Mercury in seventh house makes a man impotent. Mercury in seventh house with Venus or Saturn gives 100% impotency […]

Mercury in eighth house

Mercury in eight house of horoscope makes a person saint, sharp minded and fast memory. It gives respects in society and states with prosperity. The person can do well in agriculture and justice aria or the fields where he has to depend more on mind, can earn batter income. Eight house of horoscope belongs to […]

Mercury in ninth house

When mercury placed in ninth house of horoscope, it gives good results to native. The person is theistic, fortunate, righteous and a gentleman. The native earns money, name and fame through writing, editing, poetry, singing or business. Person will have new vision to do any task or see the world. He does research for every […]

Mercury in tenth house

When mercury placed in tenth house of horoscope, the native respects his parents, land owner, honoured in the business community, always runs on the way of truth and justice and popular business efficient. Mercury in tenth house makes native a poet, writer and earns profits through business. Such person has a good memory and skilled […]

Mercury in twelfth house

When mercury placed in twelfth house of horoscope, the person is religious scholar and scripture. He does not speak much and very lazy person.  When mercury placed in twelfth house nobody can use such person’s money. Such person can be a famous lawyer. He spends a large part of his earnings for sacrifice. It would […]