Saturn in seventh house

Seventh house (life partner) – This house represents the west direction. Saturn also receives the representation of this direction, hence Saturn receives Digimble [ extra strength ] here. Person by the influence of Saturn in seventh house of horoscope is a wanderer, happiness and moneyless, an angry person, engage in wrong actions and sinful nature, he is a luxurious trend […]

Saturn in eighth house

Here Saturn offers longevity to the person, but the person is a treacherous, scholar, a coward, a crippled, excessive speaker, but of broad body but of liberal nature. He may be suffering from air or breath disorders in old age.   Having a lot of problems after marriage and getting less benefit after hard work is […]

Saturn in ninth house

Saturn gives good results in ninth house of horoscope. The person is intelligent and generous. He gets respect for society and state. he is well known of scripture and being interested in religion. He is Is financially rich and clean hearted person. Popular in females but Very stingy nature. The son of such person gets huge name and fame in his life. […]

Saturn in tenth house

Tenth House (Father and Karma House) – Saturn in tenth house of horoscope gives good results. The person isa  scholar, honoured in  state, interested in astrology, diligent, talking about justice from all, religious and abdominal patients.  Such a person, who is progressing in the early period of his life and achieving high rank, is a […]

Saturn in eleventh house

Eleventh House (Earnings) – Saturn offers mostly auspicious results in this house. Person is long life, he/she will have more daughters and no son. Successful, quick, angry, financially prosperous, fortunate and trusting in God success in business.  Such a person is clever in earning money. If Saturn is in auspiciousness, life experiences stability after the age of […]

Saturn in twelfth house

Twelfth house (expense) – Saturn gives more inauspicious results. Person is patient for mental sickness, wasteful person, used for addiction, bad words and inappropriate language, lazy and unlucky for maternal aunt. Such a person is unsuccessful in business. He takes pain from his enemies but there is also a knowledgeable intelligence. Such a person is more like […]