Venus in seventh house

When Venus placed in seventh house of horoscope, the person is wealthy, generous, famous in society, interested in music and literature. he/she will be fortunate after marriage. he/she can be an adulterous person and suffering from anxiety. Venus in seventh house of horoscope makes a person lover of beauty, he/she will be liking and living […]

Venus in eighth house

If Venus is located in the eighth house then the person resides abroad. If Venus is inauspicious, in eight house of horoscope then the person is a secretive patient and he/she may have many illegal relations too. Because of high sexual desire, there will be a relationship with the older woman or man. If Mercury […]

Venus in ninth house

When Venus is placed in ninth house of horoscope, the person is very kind and humble, believer of God, happy at homeland a reputable person. he/she is interested in traveling, travels abroad and religious places. The person with Venus in ninth house can be successful in field of Art and Literary.  Economic benefits are obtained from […]

Venus in tenth house

When Venus placed in tenth house of horoscope, the person is luxurious, a statesman, happy, rich, judged with everyone and interested in music and astrology.  He/she gets a prize in the state with respect and position. The person also receives financial support and prosperity from the opposite sex.  He also receives benefits from high officials. Such people are absorbed […]

Venus in eleventh house

Eleventh house (Earnings) – In this house, Venus gives more auspicious results which become more auspicious in the financial sector. Person is lucky, the owner of the stationary wealth, is benefiting from gems and white goods, luxurious trend, vehicles, attentive, knowledgeable, fond of music and films, and based with Son. Fame increases with the age […]

Venus in twelfth house

Twelfth House [ Expenditures ] – Venus in twelfth house of horoscope receives more auspicious results than other planets in this house. The main reason for the auspicious results of Venus in this house according to the law of astrology is that whichever planet is sitting in this house, it will spend its factor. Venus […]