Combust Planets In Astrology

Combust Planet – Friends, out of 9 planets located in our horoscope, 6 planets can be combust and the remaining 3 planets are never combust. Rahu and Ketu never combust because according to astrology, Rahu and Ketu are the nodes they can not be can not be combust like other planets. Sun is the main planet which causes combustion to other planets so it can not combust itself. Meaning the rest of the remaining six planets can be combust by Sun. and they are the moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Any of these six planets, while approaching the Sun, are approached with the reach of the sun, because they lose their work capacity due to reaching the sun closer. But all these six planets have a limit to their own near the sun, which is different from all of them.

Combust Planets Degrees

When traveling in zodiac, a planet crosses that boundary only then it is considered to be combust. And this boundary is measured by the degrees of planets. If the moon approaches the sun to reach 12 degrees in any of the zodiac sign, then it becomes combust. Now whether the moon and sun are in different house or signs, if the distance between them is lesser from 12 degrees then the moon will go combust. This rule will be determined on other planets also, but their limit will be different. Mars will move at a distance of 17 degrees from the Sun it becomes combust. Mercury falls to 14 degrees, guru to 11 degrees, Venus to 10 degrees and Saturn falls at 16 degrees to become combust. In all these planets, Venus is such a planet that can lies in the closest distance to the Sun.

Now, if you think Mars is within 17 degrees of Sun and Venus is between 11 degrees distance from the Sun, then Mars is combust, but will Venus also be combust ? No, because Venus is still 1 degree out of its combustion limits, even if it is between the Mars and the Sun. When observing the horoscope, you also need to take care of that unless a house is within the bounds of its boundaries, it will not be construed. I hope you have understood the state of the planets, but if a planet is in the combust condition in the horoscope then how will it provide the Results ?

Effects of combust planets in different house lordships

So in the first part of [Combust Planets] we talk about the conditions in which a planet is going to be combust. And now in this chapter we are going to talk about the results of Combust Planets in horoscope according to lord ship and own effects.

If the Combust Planet is the lord of first house in horoscope, then such person will have health problems, less immunity, struggled life and no progress.

If the combust planet is the lord of second house in horoscope, then the person will have short family, he/she will be poor, no money, will have bad speech, and even if other more bad combination in horoscope, such person may not have the good food to eat.

If combust planet is the lord of third house, then the person may not have any siblings or bad relations with siblings. Such person will have many problems to face while short travels. He/she will not have enough courage to do hard work in life and this will be the main reason to be left behind.

If the lord of fourth house is combust in horoscope, then the person will not have the own house. He/she will be living in a rental house. Such person may not have any good vehicle. His/her mother might be sick or the relations with mother is not good.

If the lord of fifth house is combust in horoscope, then the person will not complete his education. he/she will have many obstacles in eduction. Such person may be cheated in love relationship and he/she may not have children after marriage.

If the lord of sixth house is combust in horoscope, then the person may face many difficulties in career. he/she may not have good career or job even if they have good education. Such person will always lose competition and the legal cases.

Now we are going to discuss about the results of rest seventh to twelfth house lords, when they are in combust condition.

So when the lord of seventh house is combust in horoscope, such person will have marriage, business and stomach health problems. he/she may have delayed marriage, No marriage or problems after marriage. The person will always have difficulties in business and foreign travels. He/she also will have health issues related to abdomen aria and stomach.

If lord of eighth house is combust in horoscope, then the person may not get his inheritance property. would not be able to complete research education and may have accidental problems in life.

If the lord of ninth house is combust in horoscope, then the person may lose father in childhood. difficulties in higher education. Obstacles in foreign travels.

When the lord of tenth house is combust in horoscope, then the person will have lots of professional difficulties. No promotions in career even after lots of hard work. Bad relations with father or separation with father in early age. Such person can never get success in politics.

If the lord of eleventh house is combust in horoscope, i feel this is most negative condition horoscope. As such person will not be able to earn good money in his life. eleventh house is for generating income and its must to be a strong eleventh house lord in horoscope to become rich. And if its combust in horoscope such person may become poor.

If the lord of twelfth house is combust in horoscope, then the person may not get sexual pleasure after marriage. The person will be stingy and won’t spend money even on his female member.

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Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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