Mangal Dosh Remedy

Mangal Dosh Remedy – Dear friends, according to the astrology Science,Mars (Mangal) is known for its aggressive nature. It has an ability to generate heat in the blood leading to high blood pressure, anger and aggressiveness. Due to this negative effects of Mars, if someone’s horoscope contains a Mangal Dosh there are high chances of relationship clashes to occur in a married life.

Several times people are seen to get divorced or face violence. Although Manglik Dosh is one of the critical and most known aspects of ill effects of Mars, we will focus here on several other malefic aspects which can affect an individual and which are not really known to the common man.

For Example: if a person has Mars facing the Saturn or Mars with Saturn located in the malefic houses of horoscope, then the person has high probability to get hurt by an iron object/instrument/weapon hence loosing ample amount of blood from his body.

To get rid of this kind of problems astrology science has some effective remedies and it’s very important to understand a specific remedy for a specific problem caused by the Mars. One of the remedies for the above case where an individual has a combination (a Yoga) to his horoscope indicating a hit by an iron, is “Donating Blood” once a year.

Upon donating blood once in a year, the individual now can have high chances of escaping from the threat of an injury and losing blood. But it is highly recommended to get an expert advice from a well experienced astrologer before following any remedy. Any remedy must not be followed without consulting an experienced astrologer.

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Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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