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Extra Marital Affaire Part 3

So we talked in our last two chepters that how dual signs and their lords are involved with 1st, 5th, 7th and 12th house to have a combination of extra marital affaire in horoscope or magna chart. Now we will talk about the rest of the factors involved in an extra marital affaire combinations.

when someone have an extra marital affaire then the person must have the combination of slander in society. so we also need to check the combination of slander in horoscope. eighth house of horoscope is considered for slander in some ones kindly. so if there is involvement of eighth lord with 5th, 7th or 12th house then there will be more indications to have an extra marital relationship. If you find all these combination mentioned in all cheaters, then we can say there are more then 90% chance for the person to get into such relationship.

But still we have to check about the Planets according to there nature, Like some Planets which can allow or not such activities. First is Venus, Venus is considered as the planet of luxury and enjoyment in life. It is also considered as the planet which attract a person towards beauty and sexual activities. Second planet is Mars, Mars responsible for excitement and erections of sexual parts in body. And the third planet is Rahu, Rahu is basically for diverting mind towards bad deeds or get some benefits or enjoyment through bad deeds, as there will be involvement of good planets like Jupiter the such person will afraid to do some bad and Rahu pushes the person to do something in a wrong way.

So these all planets must be involved with 5th, 7th, 8th and 12th house. It may be the situation of theses planets in these house or aspects of these planets on these house and on each other.

And if we talked about the timing of such activities that can be Dahsa or anterdasha of these planets or planets related to these house.

So i hope many aspects about the combinations of an extra marital affaire in horoscope is clear now. i hope you like this chapter. i will writing more on astrological topics and see you in next new chapter, thanks for now.