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Extra Marital Affairs Part 2

So we talked in our last chapter that how dual signs have a major involvement for making a combination of an extra marital affaires in someone birth chart. And now we will talk about other factors for the same.

Now its not enough if the lords of 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th and 12th house in dual signs in horoscope to make an extra relation, there we have to also check if theses planets are making relations with each other. For example, fifth house of horoscope is considered for an affair and seventh house for marriage and sexual activities, so when fifth lord make relation with seventh lord or seventh house or seventh lord with fifth lord or in fifth house then it will make a combination of marriage or to have a sexual relation with an affaire.

And because this combination becomes in dual signs so there may be more then one relation. which is called the extra relation or the extra marital relation in case of a married person. Now its even not enough to confirm 100% for an extra marital affaires, because in some religions its allowed to have more then one marriages or more then one sexual relationships, But when we talk about for particular an extra marital relationship so it means that the relationship is secret or hidden from society and the first partner.

So what we need to check now ? we need to check the involvement of secret house and its lord. Twelfth house in horoscope consider for secret things, bedroom and sexual pleasures. When twelfth house or twelfth lord is also involved with fifth or seventh house or lords then the relation ship will be a secret relation and involvement sexual activities in bedroom.

rest we will talk in our next cheaper of extra marital affairs, so be tuned….