Five kitchen vastu tips to attract money and wealth

Five Vastu tips to attract money and wealth and avoid any Vastu dosha in kitchen according to Indian Vastu Shastra and Vedic astrology

1- The kitchen should be built in the southeast direction of the house. According to Vastu Shastra, the southeast direction the house is the best place to make a kitchen.  The lord planet of the southeast direction is Venus, who according to astrology is the woman of the house and is a symbol of wealth, happiness and prosperity. And the direct connection of the southeast direction and Venus is with the fire element, if in some way the defect in the southeast direction of the house arises, then the health of the woman in the house and the wealth of the house, prosperity and happiness is a special loss. As woman in the house has to spend the whole day in the kitchen. This is the reason why you should make kitchen in southeast direction only in a house. as the aria of southeast direction is a fire zone. If the kitchen is in the fire zone, the woman’s health is good and wealth, happiness and prosperity will remain in the house.

2- Do not collect water in the southeast direction or in the kitchen. According to Vastu, it is very harmful to collect water or to water tanks in the southeast direction  of the house. Because the southeast aria of a house is the fire zone, and you know if water comes in place of fire, then the fire is finished! Collecting water in fire zone or kitchen or using excessive water produces Vastu defects in the kitchen. Due to this flaw, the health of the woman in the house is bad and there is loss of wealth, happiness and prosperity in the house.

3- Do not use black, blue and silver colours in the kitchen or southeast direction of a house. Black, blue or silver colour are the water elements, so use these colours in the north-east direction of the house is good, but using these colours in the kitchen or in the southeast, causing loss of wealth, happiness and prosperity  and gynaecological diseases.

4- Do not make a window on the south wall of the kitchen. Make the window always in the wall of the East. With the window on the south wall, the flow of negative energy will increase in the kitchen, which will affect the woman’s temperament and irritation. Increasing negative energy in the kitchen will not make the food tasty and healthy and that meal will also have a bad effect on the health of other members of the house. Having a window in the east wall of the kitchen will increase the flow of positive energy in the kitchen. As a result, woman’s temperament will be pleasant and healthy. The food will also become tasty and healthy, as well as the health of other members of the house will remain good.

5- The kitchen shape should be square or rectangular, and the kitchen door should open inside the kitchen. If there is a increased corner of the kitchen then it will have a bad effect. So construct the kitchen in such a way that its shape is square or rectangular, otherwise due to any other shape, the increased place will be affected and Vastu defect will be generated. Similarly, the kitchen door should open in the kitchen itself, as if the door opens inside the house, it will spread the effect of kitchen fire element to the entire house, which will be the fault according to the Vastu and its impact will have many types of bad effects You can come as much fight and arguments in the house etc.

Friends, whenever you build a kitchen in the house, be sure to keep these five things in mind. For more information, you must consult and take advice of any Vaastu consultant as a small advice can save you from many troubles or loss of life.

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