GAJAKESARI RAJ YOGA - Effects & Results


Dear friend Gajakesari Raj yoga forms in horoscope when Jupiter not debilitated, combust and not in inimical sign, and posited in Kendra from lagna or moon and conducted or aspacted by any benefic, causes Gajakesari Raj Yoga.

If you have Gajakesri Raj yoga forms in your horoscope, you will be energetic, will have much money and gains, will be meritorious, intelligent and loved by the king. If you have Gajakesri Raj Yoga, it also destroys the bad effects of other malefic yogas in your horoscope like a king of a jungle. Gajakesri Raj Yoga can make you very rich; head of your community or village, and you will be living a long life.

Written By

Astrologer Sunil Kumar