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Horoscope February 2019

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे।

Aries – Mars will be in own sign on February 5. good time for Aries people. The opposite conditions will improve and the work will get batter. Mars effect can give resentful nature and may have to face difficulties from government, so do not make anger more otherwise your own loss will be.

Taurus – The lord of Taurus is Venus and combination of Venus with Saturn in the eighth house, there will be obstructions in the work or problems will increase. There is the possibility of correlation with the closest relatives or friends and there is also the chance of injury. Take care of your special care unnecessarily to anyone. The general expenditure is also likely to increase.

Gemini – An auspicious news or auspicious work will be done in the family, but small problems will continue. Financially this month will be good for you, money will continue to be gained from some ways, but there will be temperament , due to which the work can get worsened, that is why carefulness should be done.

Cancer – The condition of Rahu in the Cancer and the aspect of Mars can stop the work being done. Mental tension will be created and family problems will also arise. Especially economic and business problems will arise. Financially and professionally, this month will not give good results for cancer.

Leo – Stress will be created due to family problems and excessive expenditure. The obstacles can arise in the work, but due to the auspicious effect of the Jupiter, auspicious fruits will also be obtained. In the cases of quarrels, there is the sum of problems and the victim of the conspiracy by an enemy, therefore be careful and do not trust anyone. .

Virgo – With the effect of Mars, heat will remain in nature. Financially, this month is not good for Virgo people, family problems will also be maintained. Due to Mercury in sixth house, the conflict will remain in full condition, so take special care.

Libra – Problems will arise from the combination of Saturn and Venus in third house. It is possible to travel to a distant place or a change of place. Due to ancestral property, differences in family can increase and the run of futility will continue.

Scorpio – Good effect will be achieved due to the auspicious effect of Jupiter and Mars. There will be financial benefits. All deeds will be successful in success and feats will increase.

Sagittarius – Due to the position of Mars in the fifth place, the means of income will increase. The enthusiasm will remain. It will be auspicious for Sagittarius people this month.

Capricorn – There will be a conflict situation in the workplace, but success in the work area will definitely be achieved. In the seventh place, Rahu and Mangal can be affected by spouse or stomach problems. Take special care of your health.

Aquarius – Tensions due to family and economic problems will remain in full swing. There will be delays and problems in the work area. The mind will be distracted and disturbed.

Pisces – Despite a few hiccups, there will be success in the field of work. Relationships with good people and interest in religious activities will increase.

Note: The results written above are written on the basis of the Moon sign, the variation in the fruits can be different from the planets and conditions located in Ascendant chart.