Jupiter result in eighth house of the horoscope, kundli according to  Indian vedic astrology

Jupiter gives mostly bad effects in eight house of horoscope. The person is long lived but rest of the field like career are difficult for him. Long life with difficulties is never good. The person having Jupiter in eight house of horoscope may have venereal disease. Misdemeanours nature may be the reason of venereal diseases.

The person will be attracted to sexual activities and extra sexual relationship. But lots of the time Jupiter may give results according to the planet in conjunction with it. If any malefic planet is in the conjunction of Jupiter, the person may be a thief or a gangster. And if Jupiter is in the influence of any benefice planet in eight house of horoscope the person will be a scholar of an occult science. He will be an expert of Tantra and mantra sidhdhi. The person is also concerned to children due to Jupiter in eight houses. Some time he may not have any child. He will have selfish friends, they will spend his lot of money. Due to a benefice Jupiter in eight house person will have lot of faith in astrology and can become a famous astrologer.

When Jupiter placed in fiery signs like Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, the person will get a huge inheritance property and wealth. Sometime the person having Jupiter in Gemini or Libra also can be granted wealth through a widow.

If Jupiter is in Scorpio or Aquarius the person will face lots of problems in life. He will be a unsuccessful businessman and destroy his all inheritance wealth due to loses in business and the time of end of life will be very difficult for him.

Note: these all results of Jupiter in eight house of horoscope are written on the basis of Indian vedic astrology. There may be many changes in Jupiter results due to other planets situation and condition in horoscope.

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