Jupiter is a benefice planet with positive energies; if Jupiter is well placed in horoscope it can embellish your life. As much good yoga exists in your chart but in case Jupiter is week and malefic the good yoga’s won’t give their good results. And when Jupiter is placed in first house of horoscope, it removes all impurities of horoscope itself.

Jupiter in first house of horoscope makes a person stunning, long lived, the believer of astrology, scholar and truthful. Jupiter in first house gives hare fall or teeth problems in young age. The person does never recognize the things without proof. The person may have first child male and he is his self is a holy person.  Jupiter in first house of horoscope what I have realised that the person will be healthy, beautiful and fairy. He does not get any difficulties related education and children. But most of the benefice results are seen for Sagittarius and Pisces ascendant. The person is always free from any difficulties of life.

If Jupiter in first house of horoscope is in cancer lagna, which is exalted Jupiter with Mars and Venus, person will be loose character, included in despicable acts, drug addict and always in some difficulties.

When Jupiter is in first house in fiery signs like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, the person will have most benefice results. Person will be blessed with children and wealth. And if Jupiter is in any of Saturn signs like Aquarius or Capricorn, the person will have only one benefit from children or wealth like if he has good children so he will not have much wealth and if he has much wealth so he would not have good children.

If Jupiter is in Libra or Gemini signs in first house of horoscope, the person will be fairy and beautiful.

If Jupiter in in Taurus sign, the person will be very erotic and won’t have sexual satisfaction with wife. He will be loos character and will have extra marital relationships. This situation is also with female. But due to some other good aspects of horoscope person may not have extra marital relation but still he or she will be erotic person.

Note: Above written all results of Jupiter in first house of horoscope may change due to situation of other planets and their good or bad effects.

Written by

Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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