Jupiter Results in second house of horoscope kundli according to Indian vedic astrology

The person can be a richest person when Jupiter placed in second house of horoscope. He gets more dowries in his marriage. He can be in astrology field, If mercury is well placed and Saturn belongs to eight house of horoscope, the perditions made by person will be correct. He is a veridical, generous, well behaved, a poet or lover of poetry, honoured by government and will be helpful to minimise problems of others. He will have the Yoga of two marriages and he will be blessed both wealth and children in his life.

Jupiter in second house of horoscope can make a person a successful businessman. The person is gracious and cannot see others in difficulties, always tries to help them. His enemy always suffer from him.If Jupiter is in fiery signs like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius in second house of horoscope, native’s parents can be dead in his childhood due to any reason, he will have paternal property but will not be able to get its benefits. All parental property can be looted by others. If tenth house is affected by some malefic planets like Rahu or Saturn, person will have differences with father and grandfather and they can be dead in earlier age. Saturn’s effect on second house will be reason of breaks in education and bad relationship with family members. Jupiter in Aries sign can make a person harsh speaker and he may die before his wife but will be long lived. His most of the dreams will come out true because he caters that he vows. If Jupiter in second house of horoscope is in benefice condition and strong, the person can convince any rigid person to do his work.

All results of jpuiter in second house of horoscope is written are based on Indian vedic astrology. Results can be changed due to conjunction and position of other planets in horoscope.

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