Jupiter in 10th house of horoscope is affected by Kendra Adhi Pati Dosha, and do not give good results but if we perform some remedies for Jupiter that can give good results. And the gemstone of Jupiter can be worn to reduce the bad effects of Jupiter and get the good results from it.

If Jupiter placed in 10th house of horoscope the person can be successful but after doing Jupiters remedies and wearing it’s gemstone only. The person will be very famous and successful, famous in society and well reported person. He earns money with his own efforts and he gets some luxury vehicle and luxury house and all comforts in life. But most of it he gets from his father,. When Jupiter placed in 10th house of horoscope the person is very religious and devotee to his parents. I have seen these all things when the Jupiter is in good effect but if Jupiter is in bad planetary effects so it can give the worse results to native, The person has to take financial help from his brother and sisters to survive. The bad Jupiter in 10th house I have seen specially giving many opticals in professional life as the 10th house is a professional house on horoscope so the person gets lots of difficulties in Job and service in his career time.

When Jupiter placed in the signs like cancer, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, and Scorpio the person has to take lots of responsibilities from his childhood. As he may have to lose his parents in his childhood time. Person will also have the differences with his children, and will never be successful in any business in partnership. Such father and son should never do any business together if they do any businesses separately so they can be successful.

When Jupiter placed in the signs like Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius the person will have less child. But in female signs like Taurus, cancer, virgo, Capricorn and will the person will have many children. Such people will be successful in educational field, individual business, import export business act. To get all search results from Jupiter in 10th house of horoscope the person has to wear its gemstone yellow sapphire and perform its remedies.

Note: All above results of jupiter in tenth house of horoscope written based on Indian Vedic Astrology Only, the results may change according to other planets conduction or aspects on Jupiter.

Written By

Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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