केतु ग्यारहवे भाव में

Ketu In Eleventh House

Ketu in eleventh house of birth chart, gives bad effects to native, the person is brainless, this person always does such things by which he himself has to suffer loss. When Ketu is in the eleventh house, the person is definitely gas patient, but in my experience, if Ketu is seen from Venus in this house or in Taurus, Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius, Libra or Pisces sign, then such a person earns a lot of money in life, Because the person is intelligent and helps others.

Due to the sight of Ketu in the fifth place, the person does not get special benefit from his children, in old age, the person has to face problems from the side of the child and if there is any bad dasha period in old age, then such people have to spend rest of life in old age home.

If Ketu is under the influence of Venus, then the speech of such a person is sweet, such a person talks only with a smile, due to the influence of Venus, he is clean, attractive and learned, and spends more on luxury items. Such a person must do something in his life, due to which he gets special respect from the state. I have seen this yoga in the horoscope of Sachin Tendulkar, because his Ketu is also situated in the eleventh house and there is also the effect of Venus.

If Ketu is under the influence of Mercury, then the person becomes a successful businessman, he does not have to face any special problems in doing any business, but if any Raj Yoga is formed in the horoscope then the person can also become a business tycoon. But Ketu does not give any special good results related to health in the eleventh house because the eleventh house is the sixth house from the sixth house. The native suffers from speech and kidney disease. If any dasha related to the sixth or twelfth house comes in the horoscope, then these problems become even more.

I always say that any money giving planets will not give you any problem in health it is not necessary, because I have seen in my practice that health problems also increase in most money giving planetary dasha and bhuktis.

So in the end I will tell you that no matter how much progress you make in life, but take special care of your health because your health is your biggest wealth.

Note – All the effects of Ketu mentioned above are written on the basis of Vedic astrology, the results of Ketu may vary according to the position of other planets in the horoscope.

written by 
Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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