केतु छटे भाव में

Ketu In Sixth House

Sixth House (enemy and disease house) under the influence of Ketu in this house, the person will be scholarly, happy, generous, determined, having good qualities, without enemies, but suffering from ghost-borne diseases, suffering from air disorders and of quarrelsome nature.

Such people get respect from everyone, but most of them get humiliated or humiliated from maternal uncle and aunt’s side. These people get a lot of financial gains from animals business. Wherever such a person lives, he gets a high position in that class. Even if he does a job, he becomes a high rank officer. Such people are mostly healthy. Even if there is a disease, it does not last long and the person gets healthy soon.

Note: All the above mentioned results are written on the basis of Indian Vedic astrology, the results may vary according to the position of other planets present in the horoscope.

Written By

Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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