Ketu in 12th house | Ketu In Twelfth House Astrology

Ketu gives mixed results in the 12th house of the horoscope. In which the person is fickle but clever intellect and cunning tendencies. If Ketu is under an inauspicious effect, then the person is going to cheat the public through ghosts or supernatural powers or by showing fear, while he does not have any such powers.

Such a person is very roaming and never stays in any one place, these people also reside in foreign countries and if Ketu is in auspicious condition or if Ketu is under the influence of Jupiter, then the person will do everything in pursuit of spirituality. He leaves home and becomes a Sannyasi. According to the scriptures, Ketu being in the twelfth house is considered to be the last birth of a human being, it is said that in this birth only a person attains salvation.

If Ketu is in the twelfth house and Mars or Sun is situated in the seventh house of the horoscope, then the person does not get the full pleasure of sex in life. There is a difference of opinion between husband and wife regarding physical relations and a person with Ketu in twelve feels a lack of sex. Such a person is always in search of physical happiness and if he gets a chance then he does not hesitate to have physical relations outside also.

When Ketu is in an auspicious condition, the person is very religious, even if the person earns money in any way, but spends it on religious and auspicious works. Such a person spends the last phase of his life in the worship of his family deity. If he is a Sannyasi, then at the last time of his life he takes samadhi.

Talking about health, Ketu in the twelfth house creates problems related to the eyes or ears. If the lord of the twelfth house is also in afflicted condition, then there is a complaint of loss of eyesight or deafness. These results are more especially in the dasha or antardasha [Internal period]of Ketu. For this, you must do the remedy of Ketu.

If Ketu is in a benefic position, it can give progress to the natives in foreign countries. If a Raja Yoga is formed related to the tenth house, then the person gets a government job abroad and reaches many heights, but for this, the position of Saturn in the horoscope should be excellent.

Note: All the above-mentioned results are based on Vedic astrology, the results may vary according to the position of other planets in the horoscope.

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Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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