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Note: Plz read carefully before you book your consultation by paying your fee.

If you facing any problem regarding health, wealth, love, marriage, education, career, job, business, foreign travel act. and you want to consult about, you can do telephonic and email consultation with Astrologer Sunil Kumar to know the astrological reasons and remedies of your problems.

For booking your telephonic or email consultation with astrologer Sunil Kumar please send your details – Name, sex, date, time and place of birth, your occupation with your queries at or call or WhatsApp at +91 9915576799

One consultation fee will be applicable for one person, one horoscope and one time only.

For telephonic consultation you will have to make call at given time after receiving your order payment.

For email consultation you need to email questions at

Consultation fee will be charged in advance and consultation will be given only after receiving your payment. it may take 24 to 48 hours to give the telephonic consultation time or sending sending email report.

It is necessary to inform us before and after making consultation payment. You can inform us through phone call, sms, wats app and email. 

Incase you make payment without informing us, we can cancel your order at any time and refund your payment.

Note: Any astrological consultation, report and remedies will be based on Indian vedic astrology only, there will not be any astrologer’s personal guaranty of any astrological results. 



You can pay consultation charges through Indian and international debit/credit card using link below.


Telephonic consultation 30 minutes / One person/horoscope

USD 20.00   Pay Now


Telephonic consultation 1 hour / up to two person/horoscope

USD 35.00   Pay Now


Email Consultation up to three questions / one person

USD 20.00  Pay Now


Email Consultation up to five questions / one person

USD 35.00    Pay Now


E-mail –

Phone No. +91- 9915576799

Whatsapp No  +91-9915576799