Vijay Malya Horoscope Analysis

25 March 2016

It was 1983 when Mallya became the Chairman of United Breweries Group in 1983 at the age of 28, It was time of Rahu and Sun according to his horoscope, Sun into Rahu took his father away but Sun being lord of business house in income house gave him a chance to become Chairman of United Breweries Group.

It’s a great horoscope, sun, Mercury and Venus placed in eleventh, income house and lord of income and wealth house, Jupiter sitting in seventh, business house and great combination of planets to become a business tycoon.

But it doesn’t mean the whole life is going to be alike as all results are depending on the time periods of planets and transit of planets. Let’s find out what stars effects got Mallya in to a huge business loan and got to leave India. Are there any possibilities if he can be back to his track once more?

Birth Chart Vijay Mallya
Birth chart of Vijay Mallya

Dear friends if we look at the current situation of Mallya’s horoscope, the main period of Saturn is going on and internal period is of planet Mars. Mars took a huge role for getting Mallya’s status down and pushed him out of India.

Mars is lord of 3rdand 8thhouse and placed in 9thhouse of mallya’s horoscope. Being 3rdlord Mars pushed him to abroad and placement of ninth house is responsible for his business loss or down status. Friends whenever any planet being lord of tenth house placed in ninth gives downfall in its dasha or antardasha [main or sub periods].

Jupiter was a big factor of gain a huge income I mallya’s life in its dahsa from 1987 to 2003, but Jupiter is also responsible for business obstacles as its placement in seventh house. Jupiter placement in seventh house is never good for business and marriage life. Mallya also had a divorce in Jupiter dasha.

Coming time period of Saturn and Rahu from Oct 2016 to Aug 2019 can keep Mallya out of India, but in mean time he might be facing difficulties from government and lose of properties as Saturn and Rahu both placed in tenth house looking at 4thhouse.

The time of Jupiter after Aug 2019 will be beneficial for him for a new start in business. Money is not a big matter for mallya as coming period of Mercury is also going to give him lot of wealth the rest of life. But Mallya is a business tycoon facing all kind business difficulties and fighting with them with help of a powerful horoscope and planetary combinations he is blessed with.

Many more things and reasons are there in Mallya’s horoscope for his luxurious life style in his horoscope, but it’s not possible to describe every aspect at this platform. I hope you liked to know these astrological aspects of Mallya’s horoscope.

Written by

Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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