Manglik Dosh - Kuja Dosh Effects In Astrology

Manglik Dosh – Kuja Dosh

Manglik Dosh is all about when planet Mars generate malefic results in someone’s life for marriage and relations. When Planet Mars is sitting in first, second, fourth,seventh, eight and twelfth house of lagna chart, it means there is a manglik dosh in native horoscope or kundli.

Manglik Dosh results may very depend on other beneficial and malefic planets situated in horoscope. It means if planet Mars is in the conjunction or looked by any beneficial planets like Jupiter, Venus or Moon can minimise bad effects of Manglik Dosh and if planet Mars is in conjunction with malefic planets or looked by malefic can increase problems related marriage and relationship.

No peace in relation with spouse or separation from spouse due to any reason or death of spouse act. It all depends on the position of Mars in particular house and sign. If functional beneficial Mars is placed in these houses but in a friendly sign, own sign or exaltation sign, without any malefic aspects on it, will not produce bad results in marriage life. You can read all possible results of Manglik Dosh according to Mars placement in different houses.

Written by

Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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