Mercury placed in sixth house of horoscope, generally gives malefic results to native. Native is a lazy person, quarrelsome and a patient too. The person having mercury in sixth house of horoscope defiantly gets diseases and becomes week while keep fighting with diseases the whole life.  This is the reason he becomes an irritating person and never tolerates anyone.

Due to mercury in sixth house native do not complete his education and he/she is lover of opposite sex and highly sensual. If mercury in sixth house is affected by Saturn the male person may be impotent and female has the fear of society and notoriety. If mercury affected by Saturn and Rahu both, the female native can do immoral activities. Native suffers from abdominal pain and get insulted by fighting people.

Mercury in sixth house of horoscope with moon gives lots of desperation, sometimes native can try to commit suicide due to problems. Mars conjunction with mercury in sixth house also gives mental problems, skin problems and may have appendix. The person having mercury and mars in sixth house must be vegetarian only.

Note: the results of mercury in sixth house of horoscope are written on the basis of Indian vedic astrology science. All results may change according to other planets combinations, aspects and dahsa of planets.

Written by

Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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