Mercury Results in twelfth house of horoscope kundli according to Indian vedic astrology

When mercury placed in twelfth house of horoscope, the person is religious scholar and scripture. He does not speak much and very lazy person.  When mercury placed in twelfth house nobody can use such person’s money. Such person can be a famous lawyer. He spends a large part of his earnings for sacrifice. It would cost a lot of money to destroy enemy. This is the reason he defeat his enemy. Mercury in twelfth house makes a person Interest in the courageous act. He creates new enemy due to his candour.

If mercury is in the effects of malefic planets in twelfth house, the person always remains evil deeds. This way the person is dishonoured by family. Such person is insidious and can cheat his family by helping enemy of family. Such native is dead by some disease and Suffers from the disease.

When mercury in twelfth house is in good effects, the person is religious natured and honoured in society. If mercury in Virgo signs, the person will be interested in Tantra and spirituality. He dose accomplishment that mechanism under the guidance of the great master. He dose Tough insubstantial accomplishment. If Mars sitting with mercury in twelfth house the person cannot sleep properly and if rahu or Saturn sitting with mercury, the person does not have sexual pleasures.

Results may change according to other planets position and situation in horoscope.

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