Pitra dosh in his horoscope may have to deal with problems from children According to vedic texts, one has to stick it out the fruit of bad karmas done by forefathers till the prevention of it. According to some expert’s belief, there is pitra dosh in horoscope if the native doesn’t do shradh and pind daan and therefore the native is punished by his forefathers who are dead.

But I disagree with this point of view as according to my view our ancestors never punish us for any reason. One has to bear the cost of karmas done by his father in his life either its good or bad. Just like the genetic disease come from father to son. And it is called pitra dosh.

Friends while having the pitra dosh in horoscope the native has to face worst result related child matters. If the native having pitra dosh in his horoscope may have to deal with problems from children or reduction of children. he may have to live without children or may have single child.

And child has to face many health problems. parents has many difficulties due to child’s wrong activities. Even the native has to face financial crises. Despite the hard work, there is less income. its Very difficult to pay their home reveals. he never respect the elderly in the family due to effect of pitra dosh.

Always dishonour the elders of family. All these reasons he has no good relation with spouse and there is always trouble at home. If the native is also effected by manglik dosh, there is 100% separation with spouse. If you are having the above symptoms, you must check your horoscope for pitra dosh.

or you must take advise from an experienced astrologer. First of all check the condition of planet Sun in your horoscope. If Sun is aspacted by any malefic like Rahu or Saturn, there will be pitra dosh. As the Sun represents the father in astrology. Even you have to check the condition of Planet Jupiter as the Sun is father and Jupiter is teacher. When ever Jupiter is effected by malefic like Rahu and Saturn, there will be bad thinking of native. He may not have respects for elders or teachers. Other than this you have to check ninth house and fifth house of horoscope, as if these houses are in the influence of Rahu or Saturn, there will be pitra dosh in your horoscope.

first of all you have to do good deeds in your life. as the good deeds done by you can minimise the bad deeds effects done by your forefathers. these way their soul will find peace! Even your children will inspire by you and will accept a good life style with respect for you.

There will not be pitra dosh in future generation’s horoscope. Make your Sun and Jupiter strong by wearing gems and doing mantras plus do remedies for Rahu and saturn to minimise the bad effects of pitra dosh. serve your elders and receive their blessings. consult an experience astrologer for more astrological remedies according to your horoscope.

Written by

Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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