Fifth House (children and Education) – When Rahu placed in the fifth house of the horoscope, the person is not intelligent but he is successful in obtaining higher education for any reason. He has always had a shortage of funds and if he gets ancestral wealth he destroys it. Due to the fifth house of the child and Rahu in fifth house, this person also suffers with obstruction in the children’s side. If such a person works as a writer, then both the success and wealth are realized.

With the effect of such a Rahu, the person gets the first child as a daughter. Rahu in fifth house also gives Pitra Dosha. If a child is obstructed by such a person, then he must do remedies for Pitra Dosha, otherwise child suffering will never end.

If Rahu in signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, libra, Sagittarius or Aquarius), then the person is very intelligent, well-known but some arrogant. There is obstruction in education or slowing progress. Such a Rahu does not let the native get the knowledge according to his will. Because of this, his mind does not feel full in education. As much as he is capable of, he can neither get education nor get a job. Even if he does business, there is no more benefit. Such people can be damaged by lottery and betting.

Note: All the above mentioned results have been written on the basis of Vedic astrology. Results can vary on the basis of other planets located in the horoscope.

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