Rahu in eighth house

Rahu gives more inauspicious results in the eighth house of horoscope. Such a person is extremely laborious. For this reason the person is susceptible to a chronic disease. The person of Rahu, in the eighth house, should not be related to the prostitute, otherwise there would be a sexual disease. Rahu in the eighth house, the person becomes a dirty and silly thinking person; Anger is over talk. But the person does hard work, yet he does not get his full fruit.

Because the sight of Rahu is on the second house of the horoscope, therefore the death of such a person can be in unconscious state of poison or accident. If Rahu came under the influence of ill effects, then the person would suffer extreme foes with diseases such as anal and gonorrhoea. If rahu is in Gemini, then the person is very courageous and achieving success. The life of such a person also lives in happiness.

If Rahu in the male signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius) the person will be getting more untenable results, She/he is likely to get a sexual, a fickle and a characterless life partner. He suppresses the person so much that he does not even speak anything.

Rahu in eighth house of horoscope, the person himself can not collect the wealth, but the wealth is so greedy that he can do anything for the sake of money. If he/she is in government job then it takes bribe and gets caught. Imprisonment also suffers. His wife meets a very low class of moneyless family. Because of the inauspicious effect of Rahu, the person is not successful in business, such people should definitely take the remedies of Rahu.

Note: The results are written above are based on Indian vedic astrology. Results can vary due to position of other planets in horoscope.

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