Rahu in eleventh house of horoscope


Rahu in eleventh house of horoscope – results and effects according to Indian vedic astrology

Eleventh House (Earnings) – Rahu placed in eleventh house of the horoscope provides mostly auspicious results. The child’s descendants are less. There is a stomach problem, so the economic condition of the person is good. Most such a person receives money from any unethical work. The child is always upset with problems. In the eleventh house of horoscope, Rahu gives a sudden economic benefit to the person, such as machinery, leather industry, lottery.

But Rahu placed in eleventh house of horoscope, makes the person very greedy and such people are not left behind to grab their people’s money. If such a person is a high official, he takes a bribe or commission, but he is likely to be caught, in this situation, if Rahu gives inauspicious effect, then he has to go to jail.

If Rahu is in signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius or Aquarius), then the person has a lot of difficulty in attaining the son’s happiness.This is also a type of Pitra Dosha. For this reason, if person is a woman, then there is no child due to miscarriage or infertility. In the Eleventh house of the horoscope, Raha gives a lot of wisdom to the Jatak but gives a lot of obstruction to education. Because the direct sight of Rahu falls on fifth place of horoscope which is also education place. The higher level of the person is greedy and selfish. He gets the income area where his income is sudden and the loss is equally sudden. Therefore, such people should not take too much risk in their business, otherwise a rank-like situation can arise from the king.

Note: All the above mentioned results have been written on the basis of Vedic astrology. Variations may vary in effect with the influence of other planets located in the horoscope.

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