Rahu in third house

Third (mighty spirit) – Rahu provides good results in the third house of the horoscope, such a native is scholar and a good trader.He is strong and powerful, powerful thoughts. With the effect of this Rahu, the first child of the person has been seen to be away forever. The first child can live abroad.

If such person lives with his brothers, then no one is progressing. Such a person’s life partner is of good nature and helps in every area of ​​the person. Person is interested in painting and photography, and he is involved in these works. Such a person is taking his decision instantly but with a fickle tendency.

If there is auspicious effect of Rahu then the person is able to reach the higher place in life from ground. Rahu in third house also makes person travel abroad. But Rahu does not produce good results for the brothers and sisters in the third house of horoscope. There are few siblings and their relationship is not good with person.

Rahu in third house may give an accidental death of brother, his brother may not have any children. Brother can be a lazy and useless person, but he is sad about the sorrow of the siblings.If Rahu is in a female sign (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces) then it is fatal for the sisters in place of the brothers.

Note: All results of Rahu written, based on Indian vedic astrology, results may change due to the condition and situation of other planets in horoscope.

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