Robert Vadra horoscope is leo ascendant and torus moon sign. First of all we will see the ascendant lord Sun placed in 10th house of horoscope.

Somehow I found the Robert vadra’s birth details from internet. Now a days I am hearing from news channels about Priyanka Gandhi’s husband Robert Vadra that he has became a billionaire with in few time like tow or three years. When I came to know about this news,

I was thinking about the reasons behind his success and growth. As I am an Astrologer so definitely I was going to think about his horoscope, planets and dasha. I was thinking about the astrological reasons behind his sudden success and fem and I started to find out the birth details of Robert vadra on internet.

I found the birth details of Robert Vadra on internet is correct or not I really don’t know but I didn’t have any other choice so I made Robert Vadra’s horoscope based on the details found on internet and tried to find out the reasons behind “ how Robert Vadra became a billionaire”. Let’s find out..


Robert Vadra horoscope is leo ascendant and torus moon sign. First of all we will see the ascendant lord Sun placed in 10th house of horoscope. 10th house of horoscope is for profession, when ascendant lord placed in 10th house it is a combination for a highly professional person.

This combination [ Yoga] makes a man very passionate about his or her profession and if the planet is in good condition not accepted by any malefic can give best results related to profession. Moon the lord of 12th house also placed in 10th house with Sun, it is the combination for profession related to foreign countries or business with foreign companies.

Here in 10th house Mercury the lord of 11th and 2nd house is also placed. 11th house indicates our income and 2nd house for our savings and accumulation. It’s again a combination for income through foreign companies, accumulation of money through foreign business and companies.

We have seen the facts and yogas of good income but I want to discuss timing of rising. How Vadra instantly achieved a huge growth. For this I want to let you know some points of timing, right now vadra’s maha dash running of Saturn and anter dasha of mercury from 14/06/2012 to 22/02/2015.

Saturn is lord of 7th and 8th house placed in 9th house. Seventh house indicates business in a horoscope. Means when Saturn maha dasha started in Vadra’s horoscope in 2009, he was going to face new business opportunities as Saturn is the business lord and placed in trines.

Mercury anter dasha started in Saturn maha dasha in 2012, this was the time started for Robert Vadra to gain the results of all his efforts in past life. It was the golden period of Mercury from 2012 to 2015 for making his huge income and accumulation as Mercury is lord of income house. After Mercury anter dasha the ketu anter dasha will start in Feb. 2015, Ketu anterdasha may create the difficulties in Vadra’s life releted to business and accumulated profits as it is placed in 2nd house.

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Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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