What Is Sade Sati In Astrology

Sade Sati gets worse results of his life during its period.Dear friends, we offend hear about the fear of Sade Sati by many Pandit Ji and astrologers. It is normally said that the person suffering from a Sade Sati gets worse results of his life during its period. But here I would like you to know that some of people also get good results from this period. We will find out the reasons how people get benefits from Sade Sati period but before that I would like you to know about what exactly this is all about. Friends you know very well about the zodiac belt of twelve rashies [signs]. Every planet transits in this zodiac belt of twelve rashies according to their speed.

Like planet moon takes 2 ¼ days to cover a rashi, Jupiter take almost an year to cover a single rashi and around twelve years to complete twelve rashies so & so. The Saturn is slowest planet so it take around 2 ½ year to cover a single rashi and around 30 years to complete the whole twelve rashies. It means when Saturn covers three of rashies it takes almost seven and an half year. But how we know about the this period to be start or in which rashi Saturn is going to start his period? So friends here we have to consider moon sign. You have to look at the rashi [ sign] where Moon is placed in your lagna chart. Or you can see your moon chart where moon placed in first house.

When Saturn enters in twelfth house from the moon, it starts the Sade Sati on particular horoscope or a person. And it goes to moon sign after 2 ½ year which we call second phase of Sade Sati, and after 2 ½ year it goes to second house from moon which we call third phase of Sade Sati. So friends this is the way how Saturn enters in these three houses, twelve, first and second house from moon and makes a seven and an half year period which according to astrology we call Sade Sati period.

Dear friends, Saturn transit over the 12th 1st and 2nd house from Natal Moon is called Sade Sati period and gives trouble in natives life regarding health wealth and relations. Here I will describe the negative result according the particular three houses from the natal moon. During the Saturn transit in 12th house from natal moon the evil effects are felt more by the parents and near relatives of the native even causing their death. It also affects the financial status of the native by wasteful heavy expenditure.

Transiting Saturn in 12th from moon can also give the problems related job, health, family and problems in traveling by its aspects on 2nd, 6th and 9th house. During 2nd cycle of 2 ½ years, Saturn transiting through the first house from moon affects the health, domestic life and career of the native himself giving change of place. Failure in endeavours, disturbed mental peace, physical weakness.

During the 3rd cycle of sade sati, Saturn transiting 2nd house from moon affects the native’s spouse and children, giving an unhappy conjugal life, heavy borrowing, loss of vitality. Sade Sati can also give good results according to moon position from the natal chart at the time of Saturn enters the 1st phase of Sade Sati. It is called Murti Nirnay. I will explain about Murti Nirnay, how it can change the effects of Sade Sati bad to good in my next coming blog.

For reducing the bad effects of sade sati from your life you have to do Saturn’s remedies according to the current cycle of Sade Sati and planetary positions of your chart. It is better to do any remedy after an advice from an expert to do. As doing any Saturn remedy without expert advice can cause more problems.

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Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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