Saturn effects and results in eighth house of horoscope according to Indian vedic astrology

Here Saturn offers longevity to the person, but the person is a treacherous, scholar, a coward, a crippled, excessive speaker, but of broad body but of liberal nature. He may be suffering from air or breath disorders in old age.  Having a lot of problems after marriage and getting less benefit after hard work is also achievable. The last time of life of such a person is spent in hard work.He/she may be suffering from diseases for a long time but successful in the field of education. Such a person is more successful as a teacher in an institute.

Saturn gives more inauspicious results especially in Aries sign in eight house. The business of such a person also fails. Even if he lives with his siblings, he first disagrees with them and secondly, he does not succeed in any field. He she also gets delay in marriage due to career instability and he/she decides to gets married its already too late.

If Saturn placed in Taurus sign in eight house, then gives a very good result to the person. Sapphire has to be worn for education only when a person gets education. If Saturn is under the influence of malefic planets, then the person is very miserable, the quarrel and the ignorant of others are wandering in vain. If the moon and the ascendant lord are also under malefic, then the jataka may be able to go crazy.

The results of planet Saturn written above are bases on Indian Vedic Astrology, there may be changes in results according to other planets situation in horoscope. 

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