Saturn effects and results in eleventh house of horoscope according to Indian vedic astrology

Eleventh House (Earnings) – Saturn offers mostly auspicious results in this house. Person is long life, he/she will have more daughters and no son. Successful, quick, angry, financially prosperous, fortunate and trusting in God success in business. Such a person is clever in earning money. If Saturn is in auspiciousness, life experiences stability after the age of 35 years. He works very hard in his life.

When Saturn is under the influence of malefic, he betrays his friend in love affair. Such a person takes struggle in the beginning of his life and will get comforts and stability in old age. Even if Saturn is in the signs, Capricorn, Sagittarius or Aquarius, then it gives more auspicious effect. Person is unable to accumulate wealth because of some addiction but there is no problems in work.

Saturn is painful for the child, except of being ascendant lord or placed in Sagittarius . If the child’s yoga [combination ] is strong in the life partner’s horoscope, then the problem will be less. Only Saturn is ascendent lord can give child birth on time otherwise there is a delay in attaining the child.

Saturn in eleventh house in any sign, if the person takes a loan from someone, then he is not in a position to pay the debt or he does not want to pay. Despite everything, he does not get rid of debt.

Saturn does not give birth to a son if placed  in Gemini, Leo or Sagittarius. In any other signs, the son grows up and mentally opposes his father.

If Saturn makes an inauspicious yoga from the sun or the moon, then the person is totally poor.

If Saturn is in the sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) then the person struggles throughout life.

If there is any malefic effect on  Saturn, then the wealth of the person ends with his friend class.

Here Saturn is in any sign, but in the 35th year of age may give disability through accident, in which there is more injury in left knee and waist.

If Ketu is sitting in first house, there may also be an injury on the face, the accident is also high. If Saturn also in first house, the injury seems to be big, but life is safe.

Note: All Saturn results written above are based on Indian Vedic Astrology. There may be changes in results according to the position and condition of other planets in horoscope.

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