Saturn effects and results in fourth house of horoscope according to Indian vedic astrology

Fourth (comforts) – When Saturn is placed in fourth house of horoscope, the person has weak body, soon becomes angry, discredited and insidious in society. Such a person suffers from abdominal disease, opposed to his parents, patient in childhood, narrow thinking, harsh nature, persecuted in household life, resides in solitary and old house.

if Saturn is placed in own sign or exalted here in forth house, Shasha Yoga is produced from Panch Mahapurush Yoga, , by the effects of this yoga the person achieves huge success after 35 years of age and then does not look backwards. He/she becomes wealthy, happy, get inheritance property and the land, gets benefits from lands, farming and mines but is very miserable. Here Saturn creates possibilities of two marriage.

If Saturn is in the Earthy signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and Capricorn) then the person makes a lot of progress in business. But doing even big job the person gets normal life style and income. Person does not get parent’s property due to major differences. Such a person receives love and help from step mother.He himself is very quiet and serious.

If Saturn is the influence of a sinful planet, then the person has to endure the separation of his young son. If Saturn is in water or fire, then the person is more interested in subjects of science and higher education also receives them in these subjects.

Note: All results of Saturn in fourth house written above are based on Indian vedic astrology. There can be many changes in results due to situation and condition of other planets in horoscope. 

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