Second house (wealth) – Saturn gives inauspicious results in second house of horoscope. Here Saturn has only been shown to provide auspicious results in the Libra and Aquarius zodiac sign. With this effect of Saturn, person’s speech will be dirty and he may have mouth diseases, separation of brother but he can be rich if Saturn is in above mentioned signs Libra and Aquarius . Such a person faces economic and social upliftment in his life many times, remains absent from the society. he also fails in business due to his arrogant nature and looses good opportunities. For a little profit, he has to work hard and fails to accumulate money even after excessive skimp.

He will have a sad domestic life. In my research, such a person also creates the reason for suffering sadness in his domestic life, because he often uses harsh language for his spouse. With no faith in her, he realizes that I am not believing in you. He does not respect her.

Saturn in any signs in this house, gives disability in one knee between 33 to 37 years of age. In which there is more injury in his left knee. It is not surprising if such a person consumes meat and alcohol. There is also trouble in the right eye of such a person. If Saturn in this house is more sinful then the person won’t have even a amount that he can buy food for him self .

If Saturn is in auspicious effect, then the person receives ancestral property. Such people can get more profit from the use of speculative, stock, old items. Apart from this, a person takes a lot of money by thinking whatever he applies, he gets profit. Increasing his wealth by putting interest and stocks into it makes a lot of increase. He also increases the wealth he has acquired. He can also get more benefit along with iron, other metals, lime, oil, stone, coal and minerals etc.  If Saturn is in Libra or Aquarius, then in addition to the above mentioned things also get benefits in other economic matters.

Saturn does not get ancestral property if its in earth element (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), but the person only makes wealth by his hard work. If Saturn is in the signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), then the person will have two marriges and also fails to accumulate wealth even after doing lot of hard work.Such a person can take more advantage in the west direction.

Note: Saturn’s results written above all based on Indian vedic astrology, there may be many changes in results due to other planets situation and condition in horoscope.

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