Shahrukh Khan was born on 2nd November 1965 in Delhi. He is one of the Indian actors who came from a very normal middle class family and reaches on top of the word. I was thinking there lot of people from normal middle class families doing lot of hard work in their life but every one can not become like Shahrukh Khan.

Dose Sharukh Khan has some special powers or God grace ? 

Yes he has amazing planetary combinations and yoga’s in his horoscope.  As without any special yoga’s in horoscope no body can become King Khan.


Lets try to find out secrets behind Shahrukh Khan success in his horoscope and find out the responsible  planets and their combinations. Shahrukh’s horoscope ascendant is Leo, lord of ascendant Sun is placed in 3rd house. The house of hard work and efforts, it shows that Mr. Khan is a very hard working person. He has two punch mahapurush yoga’s in his horoscope, one is Ruchak Yoga formed by Mars placed in 4rth house in Scorpio and second is Shash Yoga formed by Saturn in seventh house in Aquarius. Ruchak Yoga is blessing him with all life comforts like property, luxury, vehicles ect and a very loving and sportive mother. and Shash Yoga blesses him with a fortune spouse Gouri Khan.  It shows his fortunate time after marriage.

Everything was not happening good in Khan’s life before he got married with Gouri Khan, as Rahu in 10th house and Ketu in 4rth house shows the struggle and problems in his parents life. It was the reason his father expired in a early age. But due to Ruchak yoga in 4th house his mother sported him a lot in every movement of his life. before Shahrukh Khan’s marriage he was going through Rahu dash, in which he has to struggle a lot but after marriage when he had the dasha of Jupiter suddenly things was changed in his life in 1992.

He had the opportunity of Hindi Movies like Diwana in this period. In Jupiter’s period he had lots of hit films in Bollywood. As Jupiter the lord of 5th and 8th house sitting in 11th house, the house of income, the lord of profession Venus sitting in 5th house, house of Jupiter and aspecting Jupiter from 5th house making a combination of  career and income through film and entertainment line.

Now a days Mr. Khan is going through Saturn Dasha, as Saturn is making shash yoga in seventh house it will give very beneficial results in his businesses. After completion of Saturn’s period he will have the dasha of Planet Mercury in 2027. Mercury dasha will not be very  favorable for him in every aspects of life. It may bother him due to some health problems of arm and chest so he has to be very careful for coming time.

Written By

Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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