Sun in ninth house

Sun in ninth house of the horoscope gives auspicious results. Such a person is definitely interested in the works of religion and such a person becomes a great ascetic or yogi. Sun definitely gives fame to the native in the ninth house. In whatever field such a person is, his name is definitely there. Because it attracts people with its work. The ninth house of the horoscope is also the house of the father and as I always say that the Sun tries to separate the person from the relationship of the house in whichever it sits, because of this, the Sun in the ninth house separates the native from his father. Since childhood, there are differences with the father, but later a good relationship with the father is definitely formed.

If the Sun forms Budh Aditya Yoga with Mercury in the ninth house, then the person can get fame in the work of astrology. The Sun placed in this house can become bad in the army or give success in the field of engineering. Sun is a karaka planet of high family or high order things, so if the fourth lord is strong and in good condition, then this sun also gives the happiness of a high vehicle. And the person also undertakes high-quality journeys, in which there is a long distance or even foreign travel. If the Sun is situated in its exalted sign Aries in the ninth house, then the father’s life is long, otherwise, the father’s death happens early if he is under the influence of any sinful planet.

If the Sun is situated in the ninth house in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, then the person is successful in the business related to the land like agriculture, land, road construction etc. If sun is in water sign Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio, then the person gets success in chemistry-related business or chemistry science. These people also become good poets or they have an inclination in drama etc. Sun in fire sign Aries, Leo or Sagittarius sends the person to the field of army, police or engineering.

The native of the Sun in the ninth house gets mostly auspicious results, but it is necessary for the Sun to be in an auspicious position, due to the influence of any sinful planet, the Sun reduces its auspicious results. In such a situation, the person must take measures related to the Sun and before taking any remedy, consult an experienced astrologer.

Note: – The results Sun written above have been written on the basis of Vedic astrology and scriptures. Depending on the twelve Ascendants of the horoscope, there can be a difference in the results of the Sun’s house.

Written by

Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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