Sun in sixth house

Sun in the 6th house makes a person a conqueror of enemies. The sixth house of the horoscope is related to enemy, debt, illness and job. If the Sun is in a benefic position in the 6th house, then the enemies of the person do not stand in front of him. But their enemies are many. The health of the person remains good and if there is a vision or conduction of an auspicious planet, then the Yoga of government job is formed or such people remain active in the field of politics.

If the Sun is inauspicious in the sixth house, then the person gets more health related problems. There are diseases related to eyes and bones. If the Sun makes a relation with inauspicious planets, then the person has to face long lasting diseases. If the Sun is afflicted in the sixth house, problems arise from the enemy and the government. It is painful for the maternal side of the native.

If the Sun is in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, then the person suffers from throat and respiratory diseases. If Mercury makes a relationship, then skin diseases and boils and pimples are more. This house is especially related to diseases, that is why the Sun gives more diseases here. Only under the influence of auspicious planets, the Sun will give good results, otherwise if there is a vision of Saturn, then the person gets a debt which he cannot repay and that is why the person has to go to jail.

On the contrary, if the Sun makes a vision or relation with the Guru, then the person becomes wealthy, benevolent and virtuous. Always talks about justice and makes special contribution in the field of education. Such a person achieves success in life by his hard work. attains a high position. My special advice to these people is that no matter how much money they earn and progress in life, but take special care of health, because if these people get any disease in old age, then they suffer for a very long time or till the last time and then Earned money also does not work.

Note: result of Sun is based on Vedic Astrology and Shastras. The results may change according to twelve different Lagnas.

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Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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