Sun in twelfth house

Sun in twelfth house gives more inauspicious results. Sun in the twelfth house person gets eye disease, if the Sun is under the influence of more sins, then the person has had eye problems since childhood, especially in the left eye, there is more problem. Due to the sight of the Sun from the twelfth position to the enemy’s place, there is a difference of opinion with the father of the native. But the enemy definitely fears such a person. The twelfth house of the horoscope is also the place of the bedroom or physical relations, which is why the Sun causes differences with the wife or husband here, especially after marriage, due to the lack of physical relations, the relationship becomes bad.

The reason for this is also the husband or wife being misguided or unwell. In many cases, it is also the reason for not liking the husband for the wife or the husband for the wife. If Mars also creates yoga, then due to dissatisfaction, the marriage is definitely broken. The position of the Sun in the twelfth house works exactly like Mars in the twelfth, the only difference is that the Sun also includes ego with anger. I believe that in such a situation the quarrel of husband and wife mostly takes place in the bedroom only during the night.

Giving fewer children in the twelfth house of the Sun also results due to this reason. The twelfth place of the horoscope is from abroad, the person gets success far from the place of birth or abroad. But there is definitely a physical weakness. If there is more yoga in the horoscope for living abroad, then the person must go abroad, otherwise, staying close to the place of birth will not achieve special success. Sun also gives diseases of the brain in the twelfth house, if there is more bad yoga in the horoscope then diseases like brain tumours are also possible.

If Sun is situated in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces in the twelfth house, then the person is beneficent and virtuous. But he has more political enemies. The person is very expensive and spends his money on very expensive things. The native is more like only high-brand items and prefers to spend and spend in 5-star hotels and restaurants. Due to these habits, the wealth of the person ends and the person has to take a loan.

If the Sun is in the twelfth house in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, then the person has to face many problems in life, in which diseases and problems of married life are more. But such a person is sure of his principles and ideals, and never does any work against his principles.

Note: the result of the Sun is based on Vedic Astrology and Shastras. The results may change according to twelve different Lagnas.

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Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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