Jupiter in first house

Jupiter is a benefice planet with positive energies; if Jupiter is well placed in horoscope it can embellish your life. As much good yoga exists in your chart but in case Jupiter is week and malefic the good yoga’s won’t give their good results. And when Jupiter is placed in first house of horoscope, it […]

Jupiter in fourth house

When Jupiter placed in fourth house of horoscope the native gets good results. He will be blessed with a loving mother, property, vehicle and luxury living. The native gets benefits from state and government and benefit of inheritance property. The person having Jupiter in fourth house of horoscope likes to collect immovable property. The person […]

Jupiter in fifth house

  When Jupiter is placed in fifth house of horoscope, it gives mix results to native. The person is master of political science, famous in society, earns money from gambling and share markets, scholar and blessed with children.  When Jupiter is in fifth house of horoscope the person is very religious. His first child will […]

Jupiter in sixth house

Jupiter gives more good results in sixth house of horoscope. But there is a bad result for native’s maternal uncle and aunty. Such person easily faces difficulties of life by grace of God. Jupiter in sixth house of horoscope makes a person week but still he/she does not have enemies.  But if Jupiter is in […]