Ketu In Twelfth House

Ketu in twelfth house of birth chart gives mixed results to native. In which the person is fickle but clever intellect, cunning tendencies. If Ketu is under inauspicious effect, then the person is going to cheat the public through ghosts or supernatural powers or by showing fear, while he does not have any such powers. […]

Ketu In Eleventh House

Ketu in eleventh house of birth chart, gives bad effects to native, the person is brainless, this person always does such things by which he himself has to suffer loss. When Ketu is in the eleventh house, the person is definitely gas patient, but in my experience, if Ketu is seen from Venus in this […]

Ketu In Tenth House

Ketu in tenth house of birth chart makes the person luckless. Especially when Ketu is situated in the tenth house, the person has to face difficulties in earning livelihood. The person has to change job profession many times, despite this, the person cannot earn special money and faces many problems in life. The native always […]

Ketu In Ninth House

Having Ketu in ninth house, the person is highly inclined to attain happiness and enjoyment. He is less interested in religion but definitely makes pilgrimage in life. The ninth house is the house of religion, when Ketu is situated here, the person always suffers a lot of failure due to evil of others. That is […]

Ketu In Eighth House

Eighth House (Maraka Bhava) When Ketu is placed in eighth house of horoscope, the person becomes sin-intelligence, cunning, hatred of the opposite sex and feels happiness in lowly people. There is a lot of filth and sin in the heart of such a person and also suffers from any secret disease or anal disease like […]

Ketu In Seventh House

Seventh House (life partner, marriage, business) Ketu in seventh house of horoscope gives some auspicious results in Scorpio and very inauspicious results in other zodiac signs, in which the person is foolish, slow-witted, timid, away from happiness, unhappy with his married life, he has a grumpy nature and Very handy. Spouse is also a believer […]