Mars in second house

If Mars is in the 2nd house, then the person is bitter. The second house of the horoscope belongs to our language, Mars is a cruel planet and Mars in the second house makes the language very harsh. Such a person speaks anything to anyone without thinking. Mars in the second place makes the person […]

Mars in third house

When Mars in placed in third house of horoscope the person is valorous. and he/she will have economic growth due to his/her own efforts. But native will have opposition from  his brothers. Native dose anything for his brothers but never gets appreciation from his brothers. There is always opposed to the brothers due to land and inheritance […]

Mars In Fourth House

When Mars is placed in fourth house of horoscope the person will have the lack of happiness of mother.  The person may have Vehicles but there is fear of burns due to Mars in fourth house. The person who has Mars in fourth in his horoscope must keep a Fire extinguishers at home. the person is type […]

Mars In Fifth House

When Mars is place in fifth house of horoscope, specially not favourable for children. The fifth house of horoscope is specially considered for children and education. If any malefic planet conjunct fifth house, the person may face difficulties in education or children. some time if Mars is aggressive in fifth house may delay in child […]

Mars In Sixth House

Mars in sixth house of horoscope, gives auspicious results to native.Person’s stature and physical ability is good so he/she can be selected in police and army due to Mars in sixth house of horoscope. But with the effect of any malefic planet, the person may become punk loafer and person may hit someone by weapons. The person […]