Mercury in first house

Mercury placed in first house of horoscope is beneficial only in case if sitting alone. If it is sitting with any sinful planet like Sun, becomes malefic. Having mercury in first house of horoscope the native is intelligent, he can be married at young age, he will be long lived, belief in God, will be […]

Mercury in second house

When mercury placed in second house of horoscope the native is a soft spoken person and a good speaker. He/she lives happy, beautiful and more sweets lover. If Jupiter is good in horoscope then he earns from justice sector. Mercury in second house of horoscope sometime makes a person miser, daring and does good deeds. […]

Mercury in third house

When mercury placed in third house of horoscope the native is an intelligent person and earns through writings, poetry and editing works. The person is very hard working, conversant and luxuriant but less brothers or sisters, has many children and may a palmist and expert of Samudrik Shastra. As this house is owned by mercury […]

Mercury in fourth house

When mercury placed in fourth house of horoscope, the person is fat, lazi, mage, generous and lover of brothers. The person is a donor and must have the luxurious vehicles. Mercury in forth house can make a person a high level writer also, but not necessary to earn from writing. The person is moralist and […]

Mercury in fifth house

When mercury placed in fifth house of horoscope it gives good results to native. He/she gets respect in society and love music. The person is hard working, always happy and a gentleman. The lord of any house gives bad results in twelfth house, as twelfth house is vyay bhava, But the lord of fifth house […]

Mercury in sixth house

Mercury placed in sixth house of horoscope, generally gives malefic results to native. Native is a lazy person, quarrelsome and a patient too. The person having mercury in sixth house of horoscope defiantly gets diseases and becomes week while keep fighting with diseases the whole life.  This is the reason he becomes an irritating person […]