Moon in first house

If Moon is in the first house, then the person is opulent and enjoys pleasures. The native gets all kinds of comforts and pleasures in life. According to astrology, the moon represents water, that is why the amount of water in the body of such a person is high and the body of the person […]

Moon in second house

Moon in the 2nd house makes the speech of the native sweet. The second house of the horoscope is related to our speech, if the Moon is in conjunction or aspected by a sacrificial and auspicious planet in the second house, then the person is sweet talker and enjoys full wealth. The native is fond […]

Moon in third house

If Moon is in the third house, then the person is sweet-spoken, has faith in God and becomes ascetic. The person lives in harmony with everyone in the society and in the family and loves everyone. But the person suffers from chest disease. According to Vedic astrology, the third house of Moon is said to […]

Moon in fourth house

When Moon placed in fourth house of horoscope it take special powers, because according to the horoscope of Kaal Patra, Cancer sign is in the fourth house and it is the Moon’s own house. Moon in the fourth house gives the native a healthy body and long life. Such a person is of generous nature […]

Moon in fifth house

If the Moon is in the fifth house, then such a person is very high-minded and fickle nature. The fifth house of the horoscope is the children house, if there is a moon here, then the girl child of the person is more. Because moon is a female planet. If the Moon is in Cancer, […]

Moon in sixth house

In the 6th house, the Moon forms Balarishta Yoga, through this yoga there is a possibility of death as soon as the person is born. Even if he survives, the whole childhood goes out to fight diseases because the body has less power to fight diseases. Such children are of weak body. They become completely […]