Rahu in first house

First house – Rahu gives bad effects in first house of horoscope. Person will have a black mark on face, evil tendency, Humiliated in lowliness, will have legal problems, less children, Yoga of two marriages, Patient and weak immunity. If Rahu is in auspicious effect, then the person reaches the highest level from the bottom. Rahu plays a very […]

Rahu in second house

Second House [ Family & Wealth ] – When Rahu placed in second house of horoscope, person is living abroad, he/she will have less children or no family, speaker of  harsh words, with less wealth, Bad thoughts and stammers, sad from the untimely death of a spouse. If Rahu placed in (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) then the person will […]

Rahu in third house

Third (mighty spirit) – Rahu provides good results in the third house of the horoscope, such a native is scholar and a good trader.He is strong and powerful, powerful thoughts. With the effect of this Rahu, the first child of the person has been seen to be away forever. The first child can live abroad. If such […]

Rahu in fourth house

The fourth house of the horoscope is the mother, education and comforts house. If Rahu placed in fourth house of horoscope, then the person is unhappy, dissatisfied, suffering from mother, cruel nature, lesser speaker, deceitful speaker, foreigner Knowledge of language also financially harmful to the father. Rahu gives problems related education in the fourth house. […]

Rahu in fifth house

Fifth House (children and Education) – When Rahu placed in the fifth house of the horoscope, the person is not intelligent but he is successful in obtaining higher education for any reason. He has always had a shortage of funds and if he gets ancestral wealth he destroys it. Due to the fifth house of the […]

Rahu in sixth house

Sixth (enemy and disease house) – Rahu provides good results in the sixth house of the horoscope. In this house Rahu makes the person very effective and powerful. The sixth house of the horoscope is an enemy place, so Rahu will get the benefit from the enemy or the opponents as well. He always works […]