Saturn in first house

When Saturn is placed in first house of horoscope, the person is deformed, arrogant, lazy, bad-minded, suffering from childhood, selfish, solitary, always thoughtless of others and Keeps separate views in the field of religion too.  If Saturn is in Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius, then the person receives respect in state or society, a hardworking, […]

Saturn in second house

Second house (wealth) – Saturn gives inauspicious results in second house of horoscope. Here Saturn has only been shown to provide auspicious results in the Libra and Aquarius zodiac sign. With this effect of Saturn, person’s speech will be dirty and he may have mouth diseases, separation of brother but he can be rich. If Saturn […]

Saturn in third house

Third (mighty spirit) – Saturn produce good results in third house of horoscope. Such a person is a very intelligent, wise, healthy person, charming everyone in the gathering, fortunate and dangerous for enemies. Such a person raises some pain in his youth and he keep distance with neighbours and siblings. If Saturn is in the male signs (Aries, […]

Saturn in fourth house

Fourth (comforts) – When Saturn is placed in fourth house of horoscope, the person has weak body, soon becomes angry, discredited and insidious in society. Such a person suffers from abdominal disease, opposed to his parents, patient in childhood, narrow thinking, harsh nature, persecuted in household life, resides in solitary and old house.  If Saturn is […]

Saturn in fifth house

Fifth house (children and Vidya Bhavs) – Saturn in fifth  house of horoscope makes a person scholar, will have children, more traveler, lazy and playful tendencies. What i have observed, there will be delayed in fifth house karkas child and education when Saturn placed here.  If child Yoga prevails in his life partner’s horoscope, then […]